Hip Hop Dance Moves - Learn the Coolest Moves for the Dance Floor

Hip Hop dance is all about isolating your body parts and then balance synchronization between different body parts.  We should understand that which part of body should move first and in which sequence.  Hip Hop dance styles are a combination of Hip Hop Dance moves.  Hip Hop is a dance form that can be better performed with confidence, just be confident about whatever you do.  If you are aware of the basic Hip Hop moves then only you can better understand its advanced level. So, everyone should start from the basic level for better understanding.

Types of Hip Hop dance moves –

From beginner to intermediate and advanced level there are various Hip Hop dance moves available. Some of those are as following –
  • Popping – Popping and Locking are two different kinds of moves. So, we should not get confused about it. It about standing up and then jerk the body with the beat. Popping is considered as a great way of motion manipulation. The perfect example of this is moonwalk.
  • Locking – Locking is about pauses and freezes. The dancers who performed locking are known as lockers.  Hip Hop dance moves related with locking combines many moves like Scoo B Doo, Floor Sweep, Funky Guitar, and many more.
  • The Crip walk – The Crip walk is known as a very famous classic form. It was created in 1970s by gang members in Los Angeles. The crip walking is being famous day by day. It is known as one of the favorite Hip Hop dance moves of Hip Hop dancers all over the world.
  • Harlem Shake – This is known as another classic form of dance. This dance style actually came from 80s. It is a very popular dance move.  There are no strict rules for Harlem Shake, it just require some creativity and style.
  • Floating – Floating Hip Hop dance moves feels like a person dancing in the air. It seems like there is no friction between a dancer’s shoes and floor. For such type of dance, there are basically three types of such moves like –
- Float
- Gliding
- Sliding
  • Electric  Boogaloo -  Electric Boogaloo is a funky type of Hip Hop dance move. It combines basically two types further , those are as follows
      - Rolling of the limbs
      - Twitching legs
  • Robot - Robotic Hip Hop dance moves are similar to popping. It is all about the acting like a robot.  It can be done with stiff arms and head movements.  This type of dance actually requires a smooth flow of music.
  • Jerkin – Jerking is known as the latest Hip Hop Dance trend. It is about leg stretching, in and out position. It is a sort of street dance from Los Angeles. While doing this dance move, dancers likes to wear skinny jeans. It contains three other moves like –
- Reject
- Dip
- Pin drop
  • Krumping - Krumping dance moves are being popular with time. It is basically getting more popular among young generation due to is violent nature sometimes. It is known as very expressive dance move of Hip Hop. Krumping contains further 4 basic types of moves  Like –
- Jabs
- Arm swings
- Chest pops
- Stomps
  • Turfing – Turking is a like a free form. Turfing Dance moves are basically used to express or narrate a life story. It is also known as the storytelling dance form. This style came from California. It contains different dance moves that came from various traditions.
  • Liquids and Digits - This hip Hop dance movements involve hand movements, digital manipulations and creating movements with fingers. Liquids and Digits are like Turfing.
Hip Hop dance moves are all about practice. Practice can help to be a perfect Hip Hop dancer. Spin and Turn are basic moves of Hip Hop dance. Among them, Spin seems hardest to learn.  There should be a strong grip on ground while spinning.  With the help of hip hop dance moves a person can gain flexibility and strength. Coordination between different Hip Hop dance moves matters a lot, It takes time to build up.


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