Hip Hop Bling - The New Trend in Fashion Jewelry

Fashion has been always a major part of Hip Hop Culture. Bling-bling is a very popular term of Hip Hop Culture, basically a slang used in Hip Hop. It refers to sparkling and shining jewelry or accessories like chains, cell phones or tooth caps. It can include various types of jewelry or accessories. “Bling” word is used to describe something shiny. This term was firstly used in Hip Hop rap by Dana Dane in “Nightmares “in the year of 1987. “ Hip Hop Bling “term got popularity in the year of 1999. First of all, Hip Hop Bling term, goy popularized in the Hip Hop community after that it spreads beyond Hip Hop culture.

Origins and History of Hip Hop Bling

This term was used to describe the gorgeous gaudy piece of jewelry. Bling Bling is actually a case of reduplication. Bling word basically refers to big, showy or expensive jewelry.

Jesse West was the first rapper to use the complete term Bling Bling. In 1993, He has used this term in his remix song “Dolly My Baby”, this song was a big hit. With the popularity of this song, Hip Hop Bling term also became popular.

In 1999, the term Bling gains much popularity with the production of a popular song “Bling-Bling”. The song “ Bling Bling” was a great Hip Hop hit by rap artist B.G. song featured a young Lil' Wayne rapping

“Bling bling, every time I come around yo city
Bling bling, pinky ring worth about fifty
Bling bling, every time I buy a new ride
Bling bling, Lorinsers on Yokahama tires
Bling bling “

In 2002, the word "Bling" was added to the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary and in the Merriam Webster dictionary in 2006.

Hip Hop Jewelry (bling bling)

Hip Hop Bling basically refers to a fashion style that can be a sort of fashion accessory. Different type of styles and accessories has come and gone, but some things grab the main attention of rappers. Chains have become the Hip Hop accessory of most of the rappers. It has become a part of Hip Hop Bling.  This is a sort of symbol for hard work that each of them had put in. Later on, designs of grander necklaces came into existence to progress the trend. Rather than bling, "Iced Out" is another term that is often used to refer to the hip hop jewelry's flashy style.
Hip Hop jewelry offers urban style jewelry. Jewelry trend in Hip Hop has changed a lot as compared to the past. In 80s century, Hip Hop generations had great affection toward heavy gold pieces accessories. Specifically, heavy gold chains for men and large gold hoop earrings for women set the pace for hip hop bling.

The hip hop Bling jewelry or accessory style is characterized by the big and bold and by the glitz and glitter. The popular pieces under Hip Hop Bling includes -
  • Shiny Gold or silver teeth styles or grills
  • Personalized name or initial jewelry styles
  • Stylish Dog tag pendants
  • Gaudy large diamond rings
  • Thick chain
  • Crosses and Jesus pendants
  • Jewelry  related to sports
  • Celebrity artist fan jewelry style
  • Interesting Celebrity inspired jewelry  Style
  • Different styles of Watches
  • Belt buckles having unique style, mainly buckles in large size
  • Attractive Magnetic earrings
  • Huge stud earrings
  • Oversized stylish diamond pinky rings
  • Bullet chains
  • Spinner rings and pendants
  • Big medallions and pendants
Now a day, a large number of musicians or Rap artists are going for various types of Hip Hop style jewelry. Some popular celebrities like Lil Kim, Ashanti, Missy Elliot, Sean Combs, P.Diddy, 50 Cent has seen sporting iced out jewelry.  In the Hip Hop Bling jewelry, we can see diamond, platinum, silver and other precious metals and stylish stones used. This type of jewelry is mostly very big in size known as oversized jewelry. This is highly expensive also because of its different or unique style and its size. A very popular Hip-Hop, rapper Fat Joe stated, "Rappers don't call jewelry bling anymore, and we just call ‘gem diamonds." Hip Hop Bling is a popular slang used in Hip Hop fashion style.


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